Buttons turns into Ellipse style when more than 3

Hi all,

When I use more than 3 custom buttons, they are automatically transform info an ellipse style dropdown list :

In the admin UI :
In the Self Service UI :

I want my buttons / buttons groups to be visible directly ( like the Lifecycle button )

Does this behavior is settable somewhere ?

It happened even if I use groups :


I’m currently using Hammer-10.

Thanks !

It is not configureable in Hammer. We have a support case with RedHat to make it configureable and they are targetting CFME 5.11.0 (as of july, 19th). Bugzilla: 1683703
However my Ivanchuk-beta1 appliance still has the same behavior.

It is odd that button groups don’t help here. We worked around the problem by putting all buttons in 1 of 3 groups. And this workaround seems to still work in Ivanchuk. Do you have any empty groups configured or additional groups not visible due to visibility-expressions or RBAC?



Hi buc,

I have only those 4 buttons in 2 groups :


I have no empty groups, no visibility expression and no special RBAC condition.
When I export the buttons via the miqexport command, I only have my two YAML files ( 1 for each group ), each containing two buttons description.

As soon as I delete one button in one of the groups, for example like that :


The buttons appears as expected :


I’ll try with the Ivanchuk RC1 soon.