C&U data from SCVMM?

I have been trying to get ManageIQ to collect C&U data from SCVMM but I am not able to get it working. Every widget says “No data” and “Monitoring” is greyed out for the Infrastructure provider on every level.

Has anyone got C&U data successfully from SCVMM? Please share what the documentation isn’t telling me…

I have tried all the Hammer releases and am now on Ivanchuk-1. No change.

I looked at the support matrix for CFME 4.7. It says it should be supported. I even got a CFME trial a while ago but it didn’t work there either.

I run the SCVMM appliance version.

I’ve done the obvious stuff like enabling C&U Collection in the configuration.

Is C&U collection from SCVMM supposed to work?

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Anyone using SCVMM successfully with ManageIQ?

…or anyone who have also tried and failed?


Unfortunately metrics are not available from the SCVMM provider. This seems to be a documentation bug with the 4.7 docs, the 4.6 docs correctly show this as not supported (https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_cloudforms/4.6/pdf/support_matrix/Red_Hat_CloudForms-4.6-Support_Matrix-en-US.pdf)


Thanks for replying.

I was hoping that it was implemented in 4.7.

Follow-up question:
Is there a way to get (basic) chargeback reporting for SCVMM without C&U data?


I think you have to have C&U to get chargeback, though count-based calculations might work? @gtanzillo do you know?

You can still get chargeback reporting for providers that do not support C&U collection. It is limited to only the allocated values and fixed costs, however.

OK. Thanks!

I’ll give it a try.