Calculate limits of sizing during service request

Hi All,

I have the following use case.

A CPU/RAM T-shirt is presented to the user on catalogue selection.

The total exploitable CPU and RAM will be based on a number of conditions like current cluster utilization, individual hosts utilization, requester group membership, SLA.

Basically the same details that will be taken into consideration calculating placement.

Is there any way to limit the available options available to the user, by doing some kind of “pre-placement” calculations?

In plain language “Based on what I know for the cluster this moment dear user, you can select only up to 4cores/16GB”

Is that possible and how would you implement it?

Thank in advance.


Why shouldn’t it be possible? It is code, therefore it is possible.

You probably want to put the placement code in an embedded method and handle the parameters yourself, since the dialog-context and placement-context are pretty different. Apart from that I don’t see any problems with that (disclaimer: i haven’t read your placement code in a long time, because it is uggly and no one understands it anymore)

How long does the code run? If you need to fetch a lot of data and iterate often, that might be an issue if the user has to wait for that