Call external REST API


I try to create a service catalog item which just triggers an external api based on a script i stored in the automation datastore.
I used the scripts from here ( as a template.

But how do I connect the script to a service catalog item?

Thank you


Did you ever get a reply to this question?

I sort of depends on your goal:

  • ManageIQ has a bunch of predefined workflows, you can customize by cloning the relevant pieces in your own AutomateDomain.
  • You can use the /System/Request/Call_Instance Entrypoint and call any other Instance in your AutomateDomain.
  • Create your own Instance in /System/Request

If you didn’t come accross it, you should check out the Automate Book

Hi buc,
thank you for your answer, we did it in a similary way…
we call an custom instance, wich calls the external API and polls the state.