Calling get_ldap_attribute in Kasparov does not work anymore

Hi all,
anyone came accross problem with calling get_ldap_attribute in Kasparov? Is there any native workaround to avoid this situation?
Calling i.e. $evm.root[“user”].get_ldap_attribute(“cn”) has been working in the previous ManageIQ version but not in Kasparov anymore.
Any hints would be highly appreciated.
Thank you!

I’m not familiar with this automation code but it’s still there on master and on kasparov. Are you getting errors in your logs?

Thank you for your comment. We have already found a workaround by getting the ldap user name from another MIQ resource. The problem is that though get_ldap_attribute should be supported, it does not return any data. Thanks anyway.

If you get a chance to debug it, please do report any bugs. Thanks!