Can MIQ tell users if they have stale images?

Specifically this came up related to OpenShift and containers, but I suspect that it’s relevant to almost any environment that has images or templates.

From an environment management standpoint, it seems like a good idea to help users understand that they have stale images that should be cleaned up. In some cases, massive amounts of stale images can slow down other processing like inventory collection.

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Pull anyone else in who might be interested in this topic. And, maybe there’s a quick and easy answer. Maybe we’re already doing this?

I’m not sure how you’d know for something like vmware templates, unless we detect genealogy changes. Even so a “child” template might not be an “upgrade”…it might just be differences. I’m pretty sure we can easily see if any images are “unused” though, and I think it would be a great idea to show that.

For containers and cloud, it seems to make sense if you are pointing at a “latest” label, or if the labels follow some sort of versioning convention, and you want to tell someone their container is running with an “old” image. As far as unused images go, though, I know docker doesn’t clean up images when you stop containers using it, so we might want to implement an auto-cleanup process or something on their behalf (perhaps via schedule).