Can non-admin users moderate provisioning requests?

We have a use case where we’d like to have “self service” users (who create VM provisioning requests) and “manager” users (who approve or deny provisioning requests). I’ve been unable to make this work in anand-1.

I’ve set up my “manager” role to be able to Approve/Deny VM requests (via Product Features -> Services -> Requests -> Approve and Deny), but whenever they view Services -> Requests, there are no pending requests shown in the list. (The administrator user does see all the pending requests.)

From the documentation:

After a user creates provisioning request, administrators have the ability to approve the request…

  • Does this mean that non-admin users can’t be granted access to approve/deny requests?

Code in this area has been changed recently to display list of Requests by MIQ Request approval feature rather than role name, previously only approver, super_administrator & administrator user roles were allowed to see list of Requests regardless of whether they had approval feature or not. You can either use the latest build to get this working or try to apply in your environment and see if that helps.

@hkataria Thanks, this is very helpful!