Can not remove CloudFormation Template read-only mode

I can’t remove CloudFormation Template. It’s in read-only. How can I determine what is causing this to be read-only?

I deleted everything I could think of related to ittest-imq-cf under Services -> Catalogs, Services -> My Services and Automation -> Automate -> Customization.
I checked under Compute -> Clouds -> Stacks as mentioned here: Edit Cloudformation Templates Read-Only

I found what was causing it to be read-only. There was a stack called ittest7 created outside of ManageIQ that used the same template. I guess the ManageIQ stack inventory matched the contents of the ittest7 template and ittest-imq-cf Orchestration Template associating the ittest-imq-cf name with the ittest7 stack even though the ittest7 stack wasn’t created by ManageIQ. After deleting the ittest7 stack and running Refresh Relationships and Power States I was able to remove the ittest-imq-cf CloudFormation template.