Can one create an MIQ Dev Appliance in Linux or Windows environment?


I’m brand new to ManageIQ and am trying to figure out how to set up a development instance.

This README file provides a link to instructions on how to create the ManageIQ Appliance dev setup for a MAC OSX environment, but it says that Linux instructions are TBD. See Screenshot:

Are we truly limited to MAC OS for development? Are there no instructions out there for setting up in a Linux or Windows environment?

Thank you!

I heard an answers to this question which I also posted on the MIQ GitHub issues page:

This might help others.

Hi @michaelbutak. Welcome!

For development setup, (which is the same as is the place to go.

That other link you found is not recommended as that’s really for taking a production appliance and manipulating it for development purposes. Most developers don’t do that as its really meant for very specific development edge cases and for triaging appliance specific issues.

Hope that helps!

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Oh, to answer your other question, developers primarily use MacOS and Linux (I’ve heard Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, so probably others too). We currently don’t support Windows, however I’ve never tried using WSL (though now you’ve got me interested in giving it a try :slight_smile: ).

thanks @Fryguy Jason! I appreciate the guidance. There’s a lot here to learn.

@Fryguy our team has decided to try and install it on RHEL, as that’s what 100% of our linux VMs run in our company.