Cannot add EC2 cloud provider


I have installed manageiq recently, I want to add Amazon EC2 provider to it. But adding it with access key resulted in error like “credentials validation failed: connection refused on 443 for ec2amazon…com” Actually I have to use some https_proxy in server /etc/profile to communicate to outside internet. But in manageiq webinterface, changes are not reflecting. Is it possible to add https_proxy in the configuration?

@gtanzillo can you review this question from @adlinix and forward to a SME if necessary.

Found the solution from(http_proxy) from Karel. however, I am getting SSL error as below :frowning:

“Credential validation was not successful: Unexpected response returned from system: SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed”

Can it be anyway related to SSLv3 issues? or Is it possible to avoid connection through SSL and instead connecting via port 80?

Actually, its self signed certificate provided by proxy. How can we make manageiq trust a self signed certificate? Is there any changes can be done on manageiq configurations?

For example, while using wget, we can use the below option to avoid checking the certificate. I am looking for a similar solution in manageIQ. I cant do anything on proxy side as its out of my control and all outgoing traffic flows through proxy itself

wget --no-check-certificate

Anyway to do it?

I fixed the wget issue by uploading the trusted ca in the server, still manageiq appears to be displaying the same error


Is there anyway to add our own trusted root certificate to manage iq appliance?