Cannot import report via API

Hi there.

I am trying to play with reports import/export and I am facing an issue. Here is what I did:

  1. I created a report in the WebUI and tested it: works great.
  2. I exported the report as a YAML file
  3. I converted the YAML to JSON
  4. I added the extra sections so it looks like the example in the API documentation [1]
  5. I import the JSON. It seems to work as the report appears in my custom reports.
  6. I run the report: it fails with the following message undefined method `find' for ChargebackContainerProject:Class

Has anybody faced this issue?


Additional information. I did the same with a “ManageIQ::Providers::InfraManager::Vm” report and it works as expected: the report is imported and can be queued without error. Are there differences in the way the “ChargebackContainerProject” and “ManageIQ::Providers::InfraManager::Vm” reports are handled internally?