Cannot select Shared OpenStacck Networks for instance provisioning

Hi guys!
I want to create service for provisioning instance from OpenStack but I cannot select OpenStack Shared network that does not created by OpenStack Project/Tenant users/admin but only network that not shared:

And in ManageIQ I view in dropdown only two networks:

Thees networks That are not shared.

On the Networks view I can see any networks and Instance connected to them in OpenStack Project:



There is a related RedHat CloudForms Bug, but for old release (Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine 5.3.0)

@igortiunov hello, this should fix the issue

But, that issue was brought by , which is not in Darga. Can you check if you have this code?

@Ladas Ok, I found a workaround but it does use wrong logic - I need to unselect “Cloud Tenant”. But in this case dropdown interface offers me to select a security group from admin project. In this case instance provisionng fails with error because the security groups is not publicly available between OpenStack projects.

I think that the developers should to provide a choice of shared networks in scope of a particular project. This should not create problems. For this case (intra-project communication) openstack admins creates shared networks.

@igortiunovyes yes, this fix brings back the shared network, I’ll make sure it’s backported. For Darga, we will investigate what is the issue, it should work there correctly.

@Ladas Ok, I understand you, thank you.