Cannot set a dynamic drop down list in service dialog with capablanca 2


I’m configuring a service dialog with capablanca-r2. I’m trying to add a dynamic drop down list.

I add the element:

  • specify label and name
  • choose “Drop Down List” for the type
  • select the checkbox “dynamic”

Then I specify the “Entry Point” (navigation is user friendly).

But when I click to the “save” button, It fails with the following error displayed in the window: “Dropdown elements require some entries”.

The configure-about menu gives: capablanca-2.20160219183645_d083ab5


Unselect checkbox dynamic, enter something manually in the fields below then select the dynamic checkbox again.


I did try it but it does not work!

When I saved the service dialog, I get no longer the error … but the drop down list element is removed from the dialog ! And when I edit again the service dialog, there is no element in the container box. Sometimes, even the box and tab are removed too when I save the dialog.

I have tried unsuccessfuly several orders to set the dynamic drop down list.
I can save the dialog, but the drop down list element alaways disappear !

I experience the same thing, but the nightly builds seem to have resolved this issue as well as many others related to dynamic drop down lists. The only issue I have now is that I can no longer read data from other forms like I could in capablanca-2.