Cannot successfully add ansible scm credentials (no credentials defined error)

Hi all,

First time posting, am only just trialing ManageIQ at the moment - it is looking very promising however I cannot complete my POC without adding some ansible SCM credentials which always fails for me.

To reproduce (Hammer-6 VMWare Appliance);
Navigate to Automation -> Ansible -> Credentials -> Configuration -> Add new credential
Type: SCM

Fill out name, username, private key and hit add.

Notification comes up to say successfully queued. Credential is never available. Can see in the server task (EVM top right menu -> tasks -> all tasks) that the task failed with error “no credentials defined”.

Can anybody help?


Hi, for anyone seeing this I have resolved the issue.

I saw in another thread that a recent AWX update had broken integration. I disabled embedded ansible, removed the AWX containers, set the advanced configuration to specify AWX version 3.0.1. Then re-enabled embedded ansible and it is working.

  :job_data_retention_days: 120
    :task_image_name: ansible/awx_task
    :task_image_tag: 3.0.1
    :web_image_name: ansible/awx_web
    :web_image_tag: 3.0.1

Hi Dan,

I’m not sure, but it might be related to recent AWX’s v1 API support drop: somehow
v2 API support was finally merged 3 weeks ago: