Can't connect to Openstack cloud provider: port 8080 not available

I’m using ManageIQ 4.0, I have an Openstack cloud (RDO Liberty). I use two haproxy LB’s in front of the API’s; Swift is not deployed.

Adding Openstack cloud provider fails, and the fog.log says:

[----] E, [2015-12-08T21:20:09.133076 #2829:61998c] ERROR -- : excon.error     #<Excon::Errors::SocketError: No route to host - connect(2) for (Errno::EHOSTUNREACH)

the IP is reachable, every other Openstack service is as well, but 8080 is just not served by the haproxy. Is there a way to tell fog not to check for swift?

@Ladas Can you help out here?

@bongo removing Swift service and endpoint from the Keystone should do the trick.

works like a charm! Thanks

Perhaps, worth mentioning in the docs? Most Openstack deployment I encountered, are Swift-less.

@bongo cool

I think there should a mention that Keystone Endpoints should only contain working endpoints. If there is not, we will add it. :smile: