Can't open button group on Catalog Item editing



I can create button group and create buttons inside, but when coming again to Catalog Item to edit a button in my button group, it won’t open. I got an infinite wait without error messages on UI. Watching logs I found below error in production.log:
INFO – : Rendered layouts/_exception_contents.html.haml (42.3ms)
[----] I, [2017-02-28T11:44:25.573133 #3017:139924c] INFO – : Completed 200 OK in 97ms (Views: 46.6ms | ActiveRecord: 0.0ms)
[----] I, [2017-02-28T11:44:34.059452 #3025:137b3c8] INFO – : Started POST “/catalog/tree_autoload” for at 2017-02-28 11:44:34 +0100
[----] I, [2017-02-28T11:44:34.063246 #3025:137b3c8] INFO – : Processing by CatalogController#tree_autoload as /
[----] I, [2017-02-28T11:44:34.063365 #3025:137b3c8] INFO – : Parameters: {“id”=>“stc-2_st-5_xx-5_cbg-46”, “tree”=>“sandt_tree”, “mode”=>“all”}
[----] F, [2017-02-28T11:44:34.100797 #3025:137b3c8] FATAL – : Error caught: [NameError] undefined local variable or method `objects’ for #TreeBuilderCatalogItems:0x0000001050a478
Did you mean? object

Do you know how to correct that?


@romanblanco can you help with this?


Nobody faced this bug?

Issue reported:

Issue fixed:

Thanks for the quick fix.