Can't see my AWX / Ansible Tower Job Template from ManageIQ / Cloudforms service dialog


I try to link my service dialog to my AWX provider. I can’t see the list of my AWX job templates from the list. Please check screenshot. What do I miss here?

Image Pasted at 2020-2-12 16-33

Thank you.

Do you see them in inventory? It’s possible the data hasn’t refreshed yet?

Also what version of AWX?

No I don’t see no jobs in inventory.
I have a message “No records found”.
My version of AWX is: AWX

Do you see any errors in the evm.log?

i have no errors.
I only see this that looks like a log related to my action:
[----] I, [2020-02-24T14:27:28 #:] INFO – : Following Relationship [miqdb:/System/Event/MiqEvent/POLICY/evm_server_stop#create]

How do you configure Zone or regions in manageIq/cloudforms?
Do you think it can be related?

@Mon_Nom on the AWX provider’s overview page, you should see something that displays last refresh status (time and/or an error string).

@Mon_Nom did you check whether your stored password in the provider settings is up to date?