Can't use KeystoneV3

With MangeIQ Ivanchuk-5 i can’t add my provider (OVH) with Keystone V3 .
i got allway an error with the login/password (no problem in V2)
i got in evm.log an authentification error when MIQ do the requete, it seam it’s not the good format.
The request must be :
{ “auth”: {
“identity”: {
“methods”: [“password”],
“password”: {
“user”: {
“name”: “”,
“domain”: { “id”: “default” },
“password”: “”
“scope”: {
“project”: {
“name”: “”,
“domain”: { “id”: “default” }

But it seam MIQ send : “scope”{“project”{“name”" admin ", “domain”{“id”“default”}}
i tryed to give in keystone V3 domain ID field : Default and tryed to give the Tenant_Id it’s the same.
I tryed to connect in V3 to my provider in CLI and all is ok

Sorry for my english and some one have an idea ?

Noone got this issue ?

Hi like it seam no one have this issue i found why
with some provider like OVH they need this fix :

who is not include in the last release.
It was stange because with an other french provider Orange Flexible Engine i don’t have this problem