Capablanca - UI Draw issue

Hi, so I am seeing a bug in the UI where the buttons are hidden given a specific set of requirements:

In MIQ: Infrastructure -> Virtual Machines -> All VMs & Templates and have expanded my Datacenter on the left ribbon and have a number of VMs that is greater than the screen so that the ribbon scrolls beyond the height of the page.

These are the steps:

  • Scroll down and select a VM that is not visible on page load
  • Switch to Clouds, Containers, or another page from the top nav bar
  • Switch back to Infrastructure/Virtual Machines


The buttons for Configuration, Power, Lifecycle for the VM are seemingly hidden behind the top nav bar.

Can anyone else replicate this behavior?

Hey @kincl,

can you add a screenshot for what you’re seeing?

Sure, here we are. Apologies for the weird blackouts.

Here is the shot after selecting a VM before switching to another screen (like Clouds or Containers)

And here is the shot after clicking back to Virtual Machines, notice how everything is shifted up?

Looks like, I’m looking into it…

@kincl which version of ManageIQ are you using please? Is it newer or older than the master branch from 18th December?

Also, does the behaviour seem to be browser-dependent?

EDIT: , the change in app/views/layouts/_content.html.haml should fix it for you, I hope :slightly_smiling:

@himdel that PR fixes the bug I was seeing, thanks for that!

One thing I noticed, when the screen redraws the left ribbon does not make the currently selected machine visible, not a dealbreaker by any stretch but could be a UX issue.

Thanks a bunch!

Great :slightly_smiling:!

As for making the machine visible, we’re in the process of changing the tree display component, so I can try looking into that afterwards…