Catalog don't show for other users

i created a catlog object whit the admin user. but i cant see it in the catalog off EvmGroup-user_self_service users why?

i can order a service only whit admin user.
i use no tag , and

I guess this is a permissions issue?

No Tags means, that nobody, except the admin can see the Catalog Item. You need to set the Visibility/All Tag

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thank you that’s helped me , i cleaned all the tags and it work fine

now i want to show in self_service interface only the vms and service for only that user

but catalogues must be shared with all membres of the groupe

can i use tags for that ?
thank you buc

ManageIQ has multiple levels of access control.

The screenshot shows the role configuration, which mostly controls which actions a user is able to perform, on the resources (VM, Service Catalog Item, Service, VM template, …) they can see.
The second “level” is which resource a user is able to see in the first place. This is mostly configured on the resource itself, for example using visibility tags.

However the role has an option “Access Restrictions”. If set to “none” the user can see everything (unless something else restricts access).
If set to “Only owned” manageiq compares the owner of a VM with the current user. In this case the user won’t see any existing VMs discovered by mangeiq, because manageiq has no way of knowing which VM belongs to which user