Catalog publication in Multi-Tenancy Environment

Hi Guys!
How I can publish one catalog in multi-tenants environment ? Currently I must to set “VM & Template Access Restriction” role setting to None if I want to allow users to access top level tenant catalog. But this settings opens all vms for users and I dont want to do it.

Hi Guys. May be someone faced with this problem? How can I share a single catalog between all tenants? If I have a hundred of working groups (projects) I have to create a hundred catalogs.


If you set “VM & Template Access Restriction” role setting to “None” then you can see the service catalogs defined in parent tenants. You’ll only be able to see VMs defined in your tenant and any child tenants, rather than all VMs.

Is this not what you’re seeing?

Hi Peter.
I was confused by the fact that I use a one-to-one relation between the tenant and the user group. I did not even check that the user can only access objects of his own tenant.
Moreover, I found an article on the knowledge base of redhat describing the process of publishing a catalog From this article, I realized that the only option that suits me is filtering by tags. I will check the behavior and limitation of virtual machines by tenants.

Hi @pemcg

I found the source of my confusion. It turned out that cloud volumes do not fall under the restriction of tenants. The user can perform any operations on the cloud volumes in any cloud tenant.
Moreover, when you deploy cloud instances (Lifecycle->Provisioning) and choose an additional volume to provision it can be provisioned in any cloud tenant other than the tenant of provisioned instance.
I created a separate topic and it greatly saddens me. While this problem is not solved this means that CFME cannot be used to manage OpenStack.