CF 4.2: where is executed automation simulation on multi-appliances?

We have 4 appliances CF 4.2 , one for UI access , one for automation, one for CU, one for HA. Each one has specific roles activated on.

On the automation appliance, the role automation is activated.
We access the CF UI on the “UI” instance, where the user interface role is activated.

But when we use the automation/simulation , it seems to execute on the UI instance, not on the automation instance: is it normal? How to change it?

Automation simulation always runs on the UI appliance that you run it from, whether or not that appliance is running the Automation Engine role. It’s because the simulation results are returned to the UI in the right-hand pane.

The best way that I’ve found of running a queued automation action (i.e. run by an Automation Engine) is to kick it off from a button, say on a VM.

Hope this helps,

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ok @pemcg and thank you for your quick answer :wink: