Cfme vsphere distributed switches

I am working on Vsphere VM provisioning and found that Vcenter Distributed switches are not visible in CFME Infrastructure provisioning dialog. I can see just vsphere standard switches.

Does CFME support distributed switches?



Distributed switches are not in the database at the moment but that is something that is actively being worked on. However, VM provisioning collects them directly from VMware to display along with the standard switches.

Here’s an example of what it would looke like:

You can check the evm.log to see if the switches are being collected by searching for the following:
"Network DVS collection completed in [#] seconds"

Finally, DVS collection can be disabled in the dialogs so you might want to check if this has been disabled for the dialog you are using:

      :description: Network
              :dvs: true
              :vlans: true


Not sure if this is related to yourself or not but I had a similar issue with our UI appliance after an upgrade.

I found that out of our 5 appliances that made up this particular region all but the UI could see the DV switches. In the end I provisioned a fresh UI and linked it to our region DB without doing any of the upgrade steps. This resolved it for me.