Change Navbar Image

Hello, so we are trying to change the Navbar image. We used to be able to do this, but seems the new version has changed things.

Previously, we just updated the images here:

And then ran
vmdb && bundle exec rake assets:clean
vmdb && bundle exec rake assets:precompile
service evmserverd restart

But the closest we can find in the current version is:

Which does not seem to work the same. Any pointers?

@AllenBW is this something you can answer.

HI @Cloudmonkey :wave:t5:

This depends, are you looking to change the navbar image in OpsUI or ServiceUI?

What version are you running?

If Ops and the latest:

  1. Select “configuration” from the upper right drop down
  2. Select the “custom logos” tab on the top row
  3. Select the “Use Custom Logo Image” button, upload an image and you’re good to go!
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Not quite, we want to change the actual navbar image. Not just have the custom logo added on-top. Previously we could do this as described in the first post, but this no longer seems to work.

Is this the correct location for the images that get pulled on a “vmdb && bundle exec rake assets” clean & rake? /var/www/miq/vmdb/app/assets/images

We did manage to swap out the favicon, but that was all.

Similarly whilst you can change the logon screen background via the GUI, it does not scale on Mobile browsers. So we used to be able to tweak that on the main.scss with a little html, but we can no longer find the main.scss file.