Changes to simulate_queue_worker

Since this is a often used feature, I wanted to announce a change to it, so as not to catch any of you that are using it off guard. Basically, with PR, the visible output of polling for queue work is changed to be disabled by default.

What this means is that instead of seeing this:

you don’t see anything at all until the actual work starts happening. This is very useful if you are like me and your simulate_queue_worker keeps running until you are ready, and then you have to scroll through miles of useless output to find what you really need.

That shot above was actually made with the new code in place, and it shows you can still get back the old polling by passing quiet_polling: false.

In addition to the quiet polling, I’ve also added the full log message for the queue task about to be executed. This gives a lot more context about what’s running, and in addition, it gives you an anchor to search on.

Here is an example of how everything will look now:

Note this example shows two things:

  1. the new output for the full task message starting with ** Delivering Message
  2. that the changes also work in tandem with toggle_console_sql_logging if you happen to use that helper method as well.


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