Chargeback based on Openshift labels on pods


I am trying to get a see if I can use MIQ reporting to generate chargeback reports based on openshift labels on pods?

An approach is described here

So far I am able to get the openshift label to tag mapping working. This is a label applied in openshift to the pod. Browsing to the pod in MIQ shows the correct value for the label as set in openshift for the Smart tag in MIQ (see attached)

But switching the report filter to use the pod tag doesn’t work.

BTW. Using the method in the link, ie label the openshift namespace works. What I have done then is to just change the report filter to use the pod’s miq company tag and value (also attached).Screenshot%202018-06-08_15-10-50

What we would like to be to be able to do is have an openshift namespace, label pods within it and then generate chargeback reports for those based on the labels. Would a “Based on report: Chargeback for Pods” be required? Can this be created? Any suggestions to achieve this?