Chargeback - custom items and units?

Hi guys, could you give me a hint how to create a custom chargeback item in ManageIQ? Say, what if I need to charge a customer for allocated IP address or an elastic load balancer in AWS? Is there any way? How would I do that?

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Hi, I did a very quick research just to see how difficult it would be to include some custom units to chargeback reports. For anybody interested, here are the main components I have traced down:

- contains list of columns to be fetched from the “main table”

- contains predefined format mappings for measured units

- the actual code which generates the chargeback numbers

It seems like that extending a list of measured items would not be a super-difficult task, if one only needs a few of them. On the other hand, to maintain the code changes out of upstream might possibly bring issues after MIQ upgrades.

@gtanzillo Please respond

Hi @opsourcetrail, Pretty cool that you’re able to extend the functionality of chargeback. Which additional metrics were you able to add to you chargeback reports?