Chargeback Feature Enhancement

We may have a unique chargeback use case driven by our finance department. We need the ability to provide an upfront one time charge for a VM when requested and not an ongoing charge based on usage. The charge would change based on the OS, how much memory, vCPUs and disk space requested from the Service Catalog. We haven’t been able to figure out a way to accomplish this in the current Chargeback capabilities and are doing it manually. Can the chargeback functionality be enhanced in MIQ to meet this requirement?

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There is a team of developers working to enhance chargeback into a more powerfull system. That is what we call Advice of Charge (AoC), and we are discussing on how to do it, the model and all.
We will be sharing the status of the discussion, so feel free to join and help.

We are using taiga as a Scrum board to drive the development:


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Any progress on this?