Chargeback for AWS EBS not showing on report?

Hello, I am configuring my chargeback report and the cpu costs are showing up on my report. However, I have the rates set up for Allocated Gp2 and Standard, and assigned those to tags that are applied to the proper Block Storage volumes. In the report however, nothing appears under the Storage Allocated Gp2 Cost and Storage Allocated Standard Cost. How does this work? Do I need to use another rate, ie create 2 different rates and have one configured with the Allocated Disk Storage All with the gp2 rates, and one with the standard rates? I figured since the submetric is pre-configured for gp2 and standard, ManageIQ would be “smart” enough to know which volume is what type and apply the correct rate for the volume. Am I thinking about this wrong?

For anybody wondering, the problem was 2 fold:

  1. the EBS rates for AWS is so low it’ll show 0.0 for anything under a week. Guess this is a good thing? I was looking at daily chargeback rates, and it kept showing 0. Once I changed it to a monthly time span, it showed the charges only once I…
  2. include the Storage Total Cost in the Columns. No idea if this is a bug or not? If I don’t include that column, the other columns (Storage Allocated GP2 Cost, etc) still just show 0.0