Chargeback on AWS, ARM

Hello all,
I have a question about the chargeback of AWS resources.
Is there a way to retrieve the total time lifecycle of an instance (between creation / terminate) ?
For example, an m4.xlarge :

  • How to retrieve the informations about launch time/date of this instance ?
  • How to retrieve the inforamtions about the terminate time/date ?
  • How to assign a rate to this resources to calculate the chargeback ?

I assume that we have to use tags, i think.
Could someone explain me the best way to handle cloud public providers chargeback ?
Thx a lot,


You may create a category named instance type, and create all instance types under that category. Then assign those tags to different type of instances by going into each instance(mass assigning might be possible using API). Then create a chargeback rate for each instance type through Rate tab in Dashboard , then assign those rates to the corresponding instance type tags through Assignment tab. Atlast go to reports and create reports with tags…It may look wierd, however I couldnt find any other option to find the charges


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We are trying to make things easier in a future installment of ManageIQ, so all that is taking into account and it is easier to define these types of charges in the cloud or in infrastructure.

We are finalizing the plan and we have started the programming.

Hello @adlinix, Thank you for sharing this. we will implement something like your solution. We will see if it suits our needs. Thx :slight_smile:

Thx sergio, happy to see that MIQ teams are working on this. Can’t wait to try this. Thx

Sergio, is there already any implementation for cloud chargeback.

We are getting close, building it as a gem, the open source way

The migration is in master, and we expect to have the first version of the model in this week. We need to build on top of it many things, and we are open for issues and pull requests.



thanks for the feedback, I will look at the code