Chargeback Report Quesion

Have a question on chargeback reports. I setup a new custom tag that the values are different departments, say dept1, dept2, dept3. The tag has been assigned to each vm and chargeback rates created for each dept.

I am trying to create a report that summarizes the vm costs by department, however when I create a report based on chargeback it does not have the consolidation section, only the filter section and this will only allow me to create the report for one value of the tag, say dept1.

Is there any way to create a chargeback report that i can summarize based on the tags value?

Hi markwedge,

Chargeback reports currently don’t allow what you are asking for. The idea was that you would create a separate report for each department, then set up a schedule to run and email each of those reports to the person responsible for that department.

This would make a great enhancement request, though. I’m sure the effort would not be too high to add this to ManageIQ.

. . . Dan

thanks for the clarification. i will quit banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to do this.