Chargeback report showed before VM Provision

I want to create a charge back for VM provisioning along with patterns that will be deployed on the VM. So when we deploy an VM + pattern, we should be able to produce a charge back involved for it, but things should be dynamic as per the CPU/Memory/Disk and patterns which will be delivered as part of Provisioning. so I should have VM charge back report, before I could provision a VM. How can i do that ??

@gtanzillo Can you help out here?


Yes, you can create a chargeback report based on “Chargeback for VMs” and, depending on the filters you select, it will pick up VMs that you provision. Also, it sounds like you’re more interested in the amount of CPU/Memory/Disk allocated to the VM as part of the provisioning and not the consumed amounts. If that’s the case, you can set “Include Capacity & Utilization Metrics” to “No” on the “Filter” tab in the report editor. This will allow the report to pull in the values from inventory refresh and not rely on C&U metrics.

I have set as per your concern but still not to see my report . What should i do???

Preview section is still blank .

Have you actually tried generating the report? Outside if the report editor and preview? I ask because sometimes the preview does not show any results. If you haven’t, give that a shot.