Chargeback Reports by Tags


Any way to generate Chargeback reports based on Tags as a non-super_admin user?

@dclarizio @gtanzillo Can you respond please?

Hi @penoycentral, yes, you can generate a Chargeback report as a non-super_admin user. I was able to access and generate a Chargeback report as a user with the "EvmRole-administrator " role and see the results. Is there a specific role that you’re asking about?

Hi @gtanzillo, we use Custom roles and groups for multiple customers.

We’ve added several roles and groups under each customer.

So basically, we need to give the Users with custom roles and groups the ability to generate their own Chargeback report based on TAGS. We can see that currently it is limited to VM Ownership only.

@penoycentral Currently it can only filter VMs by the selected owner or by the selected tag, but not both. It would to be enhanced to filter by both.