Chargeback Reports generates old information

Hello everyone,

I’ve started using the chargeback feature in a small test environment at my internship.

  • The first issue I had; My C&U was not kicking in, and not generating any information for my chargeback reports. That is resolved however.
  • The second issue is that I configured some big amounts per hour for storage that seems to run up into multiple biljons worth of euro’s… I’ve then adapted the billing to a more logical amount that seems to generate better information in our chargeback reports. However the old amount (the multiple biljons) still keep filling up my new chargeback reports.

Is there any way to flush all the current content collected by C&U, and force a new update that collects new information for my chargeback reports? Because now I am mainly waiting to see if I did configure it correctly.

And besides the above, it seems that ALL my virtual machines have a bigger than usual allocated amount of storage. These VM’s are all empty and do not have a OS installed on them yet, and they are not thick provisioned either. These are all templates consisting on thin provisioned 40GB disks.

Some photos:

Both of the above issues have been resolved, seems like the storage costs were way too high! And I figured out it seems like the costs are generated on the hour, starting from 0:00 at nights.

Have you defined your storage with more than one tag?

There is the possibility that the storage is being added more than once because of that. There are PR working to fix this right now.

See, and comment.