Cleaning up config files

I am going through the .yml files in the config directory for the configuration revamp and I’m not sure what some of them do. Any help would be appreciated.

  • config/dashboard.yml - No idea if this is used. I can’t find a call to"dashboard"). @dclarizio @hkataria?

  • config/hostdefaults.tmpl.yml - Grepping finds that the host section seems to be used, but not the policy section. However, if all this does is provide defaults for Host#settings, can we drop it and just use default_value_for? @gmccullough?

    $ git grep "\bhostdefaults\b"
    app/models/host.rb:94:    super || self.settings ="hostdefaults").get(:host)
    app/models/host.rb:929:    self.settings   ="hostdefaults").get(:host)
  • config/miq_pass_default - I think this was used by the appliance_console so it could know the bcrypt hash of the admin password, but I don’t think it’s needed anymore. Can we drop it? @kbrock @jrafanie?

  • config/mongrel_{cluster,win}.yml - Pretty sure we don’t need this. @jrafanie?

@fryguy as far as i can tell config/dashbaord.yml is not in use. i don’t even remember when this was in use last, did history on the file, looks like it was last updated by @dclarizio on 5/19/2008

@Fryguy confirmed with @hkataria that we stopped using the dashboard.yml file when we started allowing admins to create multiple dashboards for each group.

Thanks! I also spoke to @kbrock and @jrafanie offline and we can drop the config/mongrel_* and config/miq_pass_default files.

@gmccullough Thoughts on hostdefaults?

@Fryguy You are correct that this is just setting default values so no reason to continue to reference the file. I looked and could not find a reference to :policy section so I think that can be dropped as well.