[Closed] Info about "Git Repositories Owner" Server Role

Hello, there is any place with information about “Git Repositories Owner” Server Role and how to use it?

Hi @manel,…could you explain further what it is that you’re looking for,…want to make sure I point you in the right direction.

However,…does the following help answer your question: https://github.com/ManageIQ/manageiq-appliance-build#manageiq-appliance-build

I’m curious about this new Server Role:

It doesn’t exist on previous MIQ versions.

aha,…then I did misunderstand,…thanks for the followup.

@dclarizio can you review this question from @manel and forward to a SME if necessary.

We’ll ask @gmccullough, as I think this has to do with the automate git feature.

This new role supports importing domains into automate from a git repository.

This feature is available from the Autoamte -> Import/Export screen in the UI:

There is a sample repo here if you want to test it out: https://github.com/mkanoor/SimpleDomain

Below are some of the related PRs:

Hope this helps.


That’s really good news!

I image we need to do something else, we have enabled the Server Role and “Import Datastore via git” section isn’t available. Both appliances was rebooted (just to be sure) and we still didn’t have it.

There are no log errors related.

Thanks @gmccullough

The role was added first followed a while later by the UI which was merged into the project in PR 8897 on August 16th.

You need to be running a build after that to see the import UI changes.

Ok, thanks!