Cloud-init and vmware usage with ManageIQ

I am trying to understand the usage of cloud-init images with ManageIQ. What i want is to create vmware templates with cloud-init and use them via ManageIQ. Is it possible?

Is there any documentation?

Hi @oguzy - You should check out

So the last comment says

  • install and configure cloud-init on your template
  • create a cloud-init script it MUST be called ‘user-data.txt’
  • create an ISO with the created ‘user-data.txt’
  • after cloning the vm, ensure that the ISO is mounted
  • in the guest on bootup cloud-init will look at the mounted cdrom ISO for the user-data.txt script and begin customization.

With this method, when a vm is run, will it be a os installed one or there will be an installation process from the mounted iso?

Hi @oguzy,

finally we did not used cloudinit on VMware. Much more straightforward way for us was to create vmware_PostProvision method where we used “net/ssh” for Linux and “winRM” for Windows machine customization.

Good luck if you will go using cloudinit way!