Cloud-Init with ManageIQ

I realize, after provisioning my vm, these are not configured correctly.

I find out none of action define in the Cloud-init are performed.

I go through the forum and the documentation, hopping find a solution but i saw many post with no reply or solution and just a few of it little bit old with answer and the documentation doesn’t match with the appliance.

So if someone can tell me how to performs Cloud-init with manageIQ, it’s will be much appreciate.

thanks a lot !

Do you have cloud-init installed in your template? This needs to be configured to run when the VM or instance first boots, and then MIQ can feed a cloud-init script (defined in Compute → Infrastructure → PXE → Customization Templates) into the instance for execution.

It’s also provider-specific, for example VMware doesn’t support cloud-init, whereas OpenStack, oVirt, AWS etc do)


Hi @pemcg, thanks for your reply

I see some interesting things in Customization Templates, likes Kickstart, sysprep…

But once i create/copy a template i didn’t see it in Custom Specification below

It’s normal ? Which step i need to do ?

Custom Specifications are VMware-only, and you need to create them in the vSphere Client (Menu → Policies and Profiles) rather than MIQ. Once you’ve created one in the vCenter, it should be inventoried by MIQ and appear in the drop-down specification list in your screenshot.