Cloud provider log "always show Service Event not available for openstack provider"

Hi all,

I add the openstack in cloud provider, then the log show

[----] W, [2017-06-16T06:50:48.217734 #2925:3f8045335130]  WARN -- : MIQ(Class#raw_connect) Service Event not available for openstack provider
[----] W, [2017-06-16T06:50:48.217862 #2925:3f8045335130]  WARN -- : Could not find service event.  Have alarming, cloudformation, compute, identity, image, metering, m
etric, network, object-store, orchestration, volume, volumev2, volumev3
[----] E, [2017-06-16T06:50:55.635657 #10597:3f8045511288] ERROR -- : excon.error     #<Excon::Error::Timeout: read timeout reached>

Are there some config missing in openstack and manageIQ?

Which version of OpenStack?

Do you have Ceilometer or Panko enabled? For OSP versions up to 10 MIQ gets events from Ceilometer (unless you configure it to use AMQP), but for OSP11 I believe it uses Panko.


Sorry for late replay,

  1. Newton
  2. Ceilometer enabled

After I configure all openstack service enable notification dricver, notification topic and enable ceilometer store_evnet I can use ceilometer to collect the data.

If I want to use AMQP, does the rabbitmq-server need some special configuration ? or just use url, user and password form openstack service config.