Cloud Provider of AWS fails to add on Ireland region

Hi Everyone
Deployed manageiq on ec2 running in eu-west-1, The Deployment was successful
But am having issues adding new aws cloud provider in `eu-west-1 region keeps failing and using the same credential works on regions like eu-west-2 and others except eu-west-1

ERROR -- : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Amazon::CloudManager.connection_rescue_block) Error Class=Seahorse::Client::NetworkingError, Message=execution expired

Hostname:                ip-10-3-0-58
IPv4 Address:  
IPv4 Gateway:  
IPv6 Address:            
IPV6 Gateway:            
Primary DNS:   
Secondary DNS:           
Search Order:            eu-west-1.compute.internal
MAC Address:             02:14:fd:f5:f0:ca
Timezone:                Europe/London
Local Database Server:   running (primary)
ManageIQ Server:         running
ManageIQ Database:       localhost
Database/Region:         vmdb_production / 0
External Auth:           not configured
ManageIQ Version:        hammer-10

I have managed to find out the issue and is due to DNS resolver from the instance. The instance was using VPC dhcp configuration which mean it was pointing to the wrong entry.