Cloudbursting with manageIQ


I’m trying to use manageIQ to redirect traffic on a VM running vmware to a replica that will run in openstack

a kind of cloudbursting

the redirection of the workflow will be done according to conditions for example when using the memory exceeds 80%

for that i installed mangeIQ then i added vCenter as infrastructure provider then i added openstack as cloud provider and i’m stuck there

can you give me ideas that can help me finish my work?

1- Is my approach correct?

2- what is the second step

Do you have a more specific question?
The way I read the question, you are basically asking “How do I do cloudbursting?”, which is a question for a consultant, not really a community forum, as it depends on your requirements, existing setup and capabilities. I am happy to invest half an hour into a question if I learn something in the process, but this question is too big to give a useful answer

btw: I assume it is still the same topic Scale from vmware to openstack