Cloudforms 4.6 - Editing VM

Good Morning,

I have a question for cloudforms 4.6,
How can I edit a vm? , I am specifically interested in modifying the IP.
I have a vm with two IP’s and I don’t know why I get a secondary IP instead of the primary one.

Thank you


You could use an Ansible playbook to modify or edit the VM itself. Which provider are you using? If the VM has 2 NICs, how are you allocating one as the ‘primary’ and the other as the ‘secondary’ (and how would CloudForms identify which is which)?


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Thank you very much!
I have RED HAT RHEV as a provider, if I enter the RHEV dashboard I see the correct order but when I see the CF dashboard I have it reversed …

Can you describe how you’re accessing the IP address? Is the problem one of appearance, in that the WebUI doesn’t match the RHV-M UI, or are you using some other CloudForms function like automate that picks the wrong IP address? I think that the IP addresses are listed in the WebUI in a non-deterministic order from the inventory collection rather than eth0, eth1, etc.

If you can describe how you’re accessing and using the IP address, we might be able to find an alternative way of getting the “correct” one.