CLoudForms 4.7 retirement issues


I’m trying to create custom button that will retire the service. I’m using the following code for that


Retirement tasks stars fine, but then just fails with the error below

[----] E, [2019-09-30T17:03:06.514415 #15974:3d6c4c] ERROR -- : <AEMethod start_retirement> Service retire task not found
[----] E, [2019-09-30T17:03:06.515153 #15974:3d6c4c] ERROR -- : <AEMethod start_retirement> The old style retirement is incompatible with the new retirement state machine.
[----] I, [2019-09-30T17:03:06.550244 #15974:358f54]  INFO -- : <AEMethod [/ManageIQ/Service/Retirement/StateMachines/Methods/start_retirement]> Ending
[----] I, [2019-09-30T17:03:06.551093 #15974:358f54]  INFO -- : Aborting instantiation because [Method exited with rc=MIQ_ABORT]
[----] E, [2019-09-30T17:03:06.551958 #15974:358f54] ERROR -- : State=<StartRetirement> running  raised exception: <Method exited with rc=MIQ_ABORT>

Can anyone advise me how to start service retirement from automation datastore?


Hi Kenny,

Retirement was changed recently to include a request and now the retire_now method doesn’t work. The following BZs address exposing the new service retirement to Automate.

Looks like should be in the next release CFME 5.10.11.


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