Cloudforms pod latest docker images


I am looking for latest docker image for Cloudforms 4.6 which is currently under Beta release. In redhat registry i find only cloudforms 4.5 release docker images. I am trying to validate new features of Cloudforms 4.6 so would like to have access to latest cloudforms docker images.

Any pointers please.

The general beta announcement is on but no relevant details there.
You access beta by
-> green Download latest button -> login -> choose Red Hat Cloudforms Beta from Product Variant dropdown. No docker images there.
I’ll ask around… cc @loicavenel @chrispy1

P.S. When trying betas, remember that Beta -> GA upgrades will not be supported.

@loicavenel @chrispy1 We are trying to evaluate database replication for global/remote cloudforms deployment as pod. In order to validate this feature we need to use the latest docker images (something like 5.9.18) as this feature is part of CFME 4.6. Please can you share where we can find these docker images.

Try here:
(the trick is clearing “Hide Beta” checkbox)

Looks like the portal is down. I will try after sometime and will update if i can find the information i was looking for. Thank you for helping out :slight_smile:

Strange. It’s up for me, even from an incognito window.

docker pull (for example) works too (I’m at home, off VPN, don’t think I have any special auth).

BTW found for how to actually use the images.
Some links to images in “1.1. Prerequisites” section go to cloudforms45, opened a docs BZ to fix them, but just substitute cloudforms46-beta.
Please report any other docs problems you see.


Thank you. I was able to pull the images and started my validation. I have one more query related to deploying cloudforms as pod.

As per the documentation of cloudforms

In step 3 and step 4, we need to add service account to privileged SCC and cloudforms image needs to run as root. Why is this necessary ? Are there plans to avoid the need to have cloudforms image to run with root user and also to add it to privileged SCC ?

@fbladilo @carbonin ^^

@pradeep @cben To start, this is a ManageIQ forum so if you have CF specific questions I would suggest contacting Red Hat directly rather than coming here. Documentation links and beta releases may not be available to the entire community so they don’t really apply to this forum.

That said, the manageiq-pods project has many similar concerns, so I should be able to answer by explaining how things work there.

The images run using the miq-anyuid service account (to which we assign the anyuid scc) so they will run as root.
This is something we do want to tackle in the future, but it is not in the scope of the Gaprindashvili release.

As for the privileged SA, that’s only for the ansible pod used for the “embedded ansible” role.
We want to move toward using AWX for the embedded ansible role as we have for the ManageIQ appliance, but that work is also not scoped and likely won’t be tackled for this release.

If you don’t intend to use the embedded ansible functionality, then you don’t have to assign the privileged scc to the miq-privileged SA and the pod will just fail if the role is enabled.

@carbonin Sure. In future any queries related to CF i will reach out to RedHat.

Any idea on when we have these changes in roadmap of manageIQ or it is not yet decided ?

Thank you for the information.