Cloudforms Self Service Portal & Multi-Tenant Separation

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I am new to Cloudforms and ManageIQ. I have been evaluating Cloudforms for a DevSecOps related project and have run into some roadblocks, quite a few but lets start with one at a time. I can successfully provision virtual machines from CF to my vSphere 6.7 Infrastructure provider, with service dialogs for processor, memory ect and all is working, well as far as that goes anyway from the Self Service Portal. I cant seam to grasp and or find information relating to multi-tenancy when it comes to the Self Service portal, I’m probably overlooking it. I was imagining that somehow each tenant would have there own self service portal to provision and manage there own workloads and choose from shared catalog items and maybe some catalog items that are particular to the tenant that are not shared. So the question is HOW does one create and or configure additional portals for individual tenants beyond the default portal that exists when deploying CF?

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This hasn’t always been as easy as it should have been, but a nice feature of the brand-new Ivanchuk release is the ability to set an ‘owning’ tenant when a service catalog item is created.

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Thank you for the reply. It looks like in the example then that with the Ivanchuk release I can add tenants when creating a new catalog item (as in assign) however it looks like there are several tenants preexisting to choose from, I guess what I need to be able to do is create a new “owning tenant” first then? How do I just create a new tenant? Thank you again.


I found it. Configuration Settings/Access Control, now just have to figure out all the LDAP group configs and there permissions for different tenants.