CloudForms self_service portal


I am testing cfme I have created a catalog items for Azure VM provisioning. There are dropdown boxes in service dialog that are populated via the manager -> cloud -> Orchestration -> Operations -> Methods -> Available_Flavors, Available_images, etc.

Dropdownbox values are properly displayed if I am logged to the standard web interface but if I am logged to the self_service portal then the dropdownboxes values are not populated. In both cases I am connected with admin account.

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@dclarizio can you review this question from @Karel and forward to a SME if necessary.

@gmccullough do you know if this is a bug? I think we don’t yet support dynamic dialog elements in the SSUI, but I’m not sure if we should have prevented this from being accessed.

Hi @Karel,

I was working with @eclarizio and we were able to reproduce this issue. He is looking into it now and will update this topic when we have more information.

@dclarizio - It was not supported in the initial cfme 5.5 release but was made available in an update.