CloudForms Service Dialog

We have been trying to implement a provisioning use-case for one of our requirement, where the client ask is, When we raise a catalog request for VM Provisioning it should give us option for “RHEL” and “ Windows “ and once we select the OS , it should dynamically populate the templates as per the flavors (i.e. t2.micro,X3.large etc .) related to the OS .And once the user gives his input in catalog request and submit it , it should provision that particular type of VM .

I have been trying to Implement the above use-case , but the mapping is not happening and finally the provisioning is getting failed . (We are using CloudForms 4.6)

We would appreciate your help to resolve the issue.


I am too trying do it, Added following customization to dialog but no luck

:description: Hardware
:description: Boot Disk Size
10.GB: 10 GB
50.GB: 50 GB
200.GB: 200 GB
500.GB: 500 GB
1024.GB: 1 TB
5120.GB: 5 TB
10240.GB: 10 TB
:required: true
:display: :edit
:data_type: string
:sort_by: :none
:method: :allowed_instance_types
:description: Instance Type
:required: true
:display: :edit
:data_type: :integer

I am using gaprindashvili-5.20180830092341_55bf4ee and Ovirt Provider

In this scenario, you’ll need to create the provisioning request programmatically. This allows you to specify the source template, along with any other arguments.

Here’s how: