CloudForms UI Translation


     What is the process to translate UI in antoher language like French? Where are the files, how to upload it back etc.. A nice guideline for not too technical people will be great.


Hi Loic, we are currently getting a translation service up and running, however, for now, you can simply make a pull request with one or both of the following files.

  • config/locales/fr.yml
  • config/locales/fr/manageiq.po

The yml file uses Rails I18N style and the po file uses gettext style.


I would be interested to translate it into Spanish. Have you thought of creating a project in transifex (it is free for open source and used by other projects like Foreman or Katello)


In fact, I’ve created an example project and translation of it in Transifex (completely free, of course).

Have a look at it if you want and I will be happy to delete it when you see it or change the name of the organization.


I’ve seen there is a project called ManageIQ in Transifex… deleting mine

By the way, you can add also the resource for en.yml so it can also be translated.

@sergio_ocon @loicavenel We are still investigating services like Zanata and Transifex. Ideally, it would be nice to use both (for different audiences), but not sure how that will actually work just yet. So, we are still sorting through this. In the meantime, as @Fryguy mentions, pull requests are always welcome just using normal GitHub workflow.

What is the current status of this? Should we use Transifex or Zanata?

Still on going. We work with the files in /config/locales/en/manageiq.po as an example. So as stated, sending in a pull request for a translated PO file is always gratefully received. We currently use Zanata today but only downstream, we hope to open this process up to the community very soon.

Hi Sergio,

I did chat with John, there are 2 ways:
  • in Upstream: not controlled, not yet a good solution
  • Downstream: Better to do it there for us, you need to talk to John.


We’ll be coming up with a nice documentation on how to contribute with translations soon.

As a short answer to the question asked here – please use for community
translations of ManageIQ:

Thank you!


I intent to help to translate Cloudforms to spanish.
I already found the zanata stuff, but i am still figuring out howto edit something there.

Is it worth to use zanata or should i just make a new .pot file?


Zanata for sure.

Thanks for the tip, i already translated some string for the self_service UI.

However it seems i still need some permissions to translate the regular UI.


Guillermo, what’s your zanata login?

Hi, i am using greartes



ManageIQ Self Service UI, i see the ‘planet’ icon for Spanish “es”, but for
ManageIQ i do not see the ‘planet’ icon for Spanish “es”.
Are they the same or i am missing some step here?

Thanks in advance.

Guillermo, I’ve translated parts of it to Spanish, so it should be there