Cloudforms with Openshift Container Platform - Getting metrics back in time


In my company, we have actually an Openshift Container Platform instance deployed. We would like to retrieve metrics data from Openshift projects back in time in order to do some chargeback.
But obviously, when I deploy a new Cloudforms instance on Openshift and then configure the provider (with the API and Hawkular for the metrics), it only collects metrics data from the time when I deployed the Cloudforms instance.

How can I get back metrics data for this month ?



@jerem28 sadly there is no way to collect 1 month old metrics of OpenShift before ManageIQ installation/configuration.

If you deployed OpenShift with the default parameters then you only have 7 days of metrics retention in Hawkular Metrics, so the other 23 days of metrics are already gone.

You could start Chargeback this month keeping ManageIQ connected to OpenShift at all time.

@simon3z Thanks for your reply. Just to be sure, we have 60 days of metrics in Hawkular, but even with those data available in our Openshift deployment you’re saying that it’s impossible to tell ManageIQ to collect metrics from last month stored in Hawkular and consolidate them right ?

In the advanced configuration tab we found the “initial_capture_days” parameter :

:initial_capture_days: 30

We thought this parameter was used as a start time to capture performance metrics. Do you know what is the purpose of this parameter?