Cloudprovider Openshift, Kubernetes

Hi all,
I wonder if there is support for Openshift Enterprise 3 or for Kubernetes right now. Does anyone know?

Take a look:

A Kubernetes / OpenShift provider is in the works. @abonas or @simon3z can you comment?

Also see this presentation by @abonas:

@Volkerinho we added both OpenShift and Kubernetes as new providers.

At the moment OpenShift is more tested but the Kubernetes one should be in a fairly good state as well.

Thanks for you quick answers.
@simon3z Is this all together in a state where one can play around with it, may be visualize a cluster with pods and nodes? Which download then comes closest to an Openshift/Kubernetes platform?

@Volkerinho yes, you definitely can take it for a drive, create a provider in ManageIQ, connect it to OpenShift or Kubernetes and see the entities and their relationships in both the summary pages and in the topology view which is a new feature currently available only in the Kube/OpenShift providers.

I’m getting stuck when ManageIQ is trying to refresh it’s view of the OpenShift environment. Any help would be appreciated.

Last Refresh:
    Error - Less Than A Minute Ago
    HTTP status code 403, User “test” cannot list all routes in the cluster

ManageIQ seems to be connecting to OpenShift OK, it knows that the token i gave it is for the user “test”. Using OpenShift’s cli, i can “oc policy who-can list routes”, the user “test” is listed. But there actually are no routes set up on this environment.

I’m using ManageIQ built from source, from a checkout of trunk from about a week ago.
I’m using OpenShift all-in-one from a Docker image downloaded from DockerHub from about a week ago.


replying to myself.

found the answer here:

The scripts given in the comments there worked.